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Concealed Weapons Permit Course

Rioting. Looting. "Mostly peaceful" protests that burn down businesses and homes. Criminals. Terrorists.

Are you tired of living in fear in your own hometown? Around your own neighborhood or place of work? Take back your sanity, safety, and confidence.

Your opportunity to obtain your concealed weapons permit is here. There is no better time than right now.

Our concealed weapons course instructors are certified, with years of personal experience in carrying concealed. Learn from people who live the life. Our classes are smaller, intimate (if that's an appropriate word to use), and offer you the time and proper instruction to feel completely confident in your ability to carry your weapon. Don't accept the low quality, "cattle drive" permit classes that simply lecture you and send you off to figure out the process on your own. Our team will help you complete your paperwork, provide you with photos, get your fingerprints done, and teach you what you need to know right in our shop.  From there, it's a round of firing your first shots with a firearm. When you leave our class, you will be ready to send off your packet to the State of Florida. No more stops. No endless reading of "legal-ese" instructions that are difficult to understand. Gain all the benefits that obtaining your concealed weapons permit can provide you:

* Your Florida Concealed Weapons Permit is valid in 36 other states - this means you can carry in many places you might vacation or visit family in.

​* After you receive your permit, you will no longer have a 3 (or 5) day waiting period when purchasing a firearm.

* You will be able to carry your personal defense weapon or firearm, concealed, nearly everywhere, legally - this includes restaurants, malls, movie theaters, banks, churches, and while walking in your own neighborhood - keeping you safe wherever you choose to be!

Course dates scheduled based on demand (*class size is limited)

Call us now to get yourself scheduled.  954-744-9313